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Our members consist of professionals looking for work from all across the cleantech industry, from sustainability experts, to electric vehicle specialists, and consultants from every corner of cleantech, at every level.

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About the Cleantech Job Search Network Founders

EVinfo.net publisher Bill Pierce noticed a lack of resources for job searchers during his job search in the electric vehicle industry as a marketing and EV professional. He and job searcher Julie Ambrosino, a climate advocate & policymaker, established this network to help fellow job searchers.

How it works

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Members include recruiters and career coaches

Profiles of network member recruiter and career coaches are below. If you are a recruiter or career coach, we welcome you to join.

Recruiting member: Joe Rooney, CEO of EPG

Elevation Proving Grounds (EPG) is a staffing and recruiting company that is 100% focused on helping electric and autonomous vehicle clients hire the best people through their industry and product-specific expertise. To learn more, check out the careers page.

Joe Rooney

Career coach member: Ryan Stoltzfus, Founder of the Job Hackers Network

At the Job Hackers Network, Ryan Stoltzfus has been helping job searchers grow compensation up to 100% by establishing a strengths based brand and selling their value effectively. The Job Hackers Network is client-obsessed. Ryan’s vision is to help 100k professionals land dream roles that play to their strengths at their true market rate. Contact him today!

Ryan Stoltzfus

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