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EV Recruitment Is ‘Recruiting the Future’ for the EV Industry

If you are looking for work, experts say to choose a growing industry, rather than a declining one. By doing that, you are not only increasing your chances of future employment opportunities, but also increasing chances for advancement as the industry grows, as companies grow along with it. This is definitely the case with the electric vehicle industry in the United States. It’s a very fast-growing industry, and an ideal one for job seekers to enter. Furthermore, you will be gratified to know that you are doing good for the planet through your work, supporting an industry such as the EV industry, that reduces greenhouse gases (GHGs), and therefore mitigates climate change.

A history of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are not new. Many people don’t realize that they were in wide use in the 1800’s, preferred for their cleaner operation, and at one time outnumbered internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Ford’s mass produced Model T made gas-powered cars affordable and widely available, at an average cost of less than half of an electric car. After a discouraging end to GM’s EV1 in the 90s, electric cars seemed doomed to remain a part of automotive history. In 2008, Tesla Motors re-imagined and resurrected the EV industry with the release of its Roadster. In 2023, Teslas are still the EV market leaders in the United States, however an impressive number of other EVs are threatening to take Tesla’s lead.

Work in the electric vehicle industry

A wide variety of occupations exist in the EV industry, including the technicians that repair them, the scientists who study batteries and efficiency, designers of the vehicles, manufacturing workers, salespeople, marketers, web and graphic designers, engineers, writers, journalists, public relations specialists, administrators, managers, office staff, software developers, and many other occupations.

McSpirit Search specializes in the EV industry

EV Recruitment was created to assist job seekers with finding work in the EV industry. EV Recruitment is an EV-focused recruitment company, with extensive experience recruiting leadership, engineering, sales, and niche contributors for mid-size EV OEMs, manufacturers and engineering services that drive innovation within EV charging, micromobility, wireless EV charging, energy storage, semiconductors, SaaS, EVSE, power electronics, components, and battery technology.

“Our team has technical backgrounds and are EV enthusiasts. We take pride in recruiting a better future for the companies we partner with, changing the lives of the candidates we place, and knowing our efforts support a cleaner tomorrow,” said Raymond McSpirit, Founder & CEO, McSpirit Search and EV Recruitment.

(Image: Raymond McSpirit, Founder & CEO, McSpirit Search)

The EV Recruitment team has experience in the engineering industry

The EV Recruitment team has engineering backgrounds and industry experience which gives them an edge in the ability to qualify talent over the competition. This has earned the company an understanding of the technical requirements, transferable industries to headhunt from, and how to best position their client’s opportunities to the market.

Philadelphia event in July 2023, hosted by McSpirit Search, was very well attended

McSpirit Search hosted an electric vehicle (EV) industry network and panel event in Philadelphia in July 2023. The event was a tremendous success. In attendance were executives & leadership from engineering services, EV charging manufacturers, battery recycling, venture capital, utilities, wireless charging, and energy technology firms, as well as city officials, university faculty, real estate developers, and technical journalists.

(Image: McSpirit Search EV recruiting event in Philadelphia, July 2023.)
(Image: L-R: Matthew Leff: Lincoln Electric, Brendan Kelly: EnerKnol, Raymond McSpirit: McSpirit Search, Torsten Gruhn: Bender Inc, Steve Matthews: E-Finity Distributed Generation, Micah Gold-Markel: Solar States)

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