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Zero Motorcycles Reorganizes to Position Company as the Leader in Customer Experience

Zero Motorcycles, a worldwide frontrunner in the domain of electric motorcycles and powertrains, has unveiled a strategic change in its customer service approach. With the recent establishment of a dedicated Customer Experience (CX) department, the company aims to elevate the entire product lifecycle from a customer standpoint.

This new team will be responsible for an extensive range of customer interactions across all touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive and improved user journey. Key areas of focus will include proactive engagement with potential customers, swift and efficient handling of service requests, and the creation and distribution of comprehensive service manuals. This development signals Zero Motorcycles’ commitment to enhancing rider satisfaction and further consolidating its market leadership.

(Image: Zero Motorcycles)

The newly formed Customer Experience department will be divided into two distinct sections: one focused on the creation and distribution of technical training materials, and the other dedicated to public-facing service handling for both the global dealer network and individual owners. This bifurcation will ensure a comprehensive approach to customer service, catering to both the education of service providers and the immediate needs of customers.

The responsibility of balancing these two areas of focus will fall upon the capable shoulders of industry veterans Garrett Johnson and Chris Langlois. With a collective 40+ years of experience in dealer and OEM roles, and a proven track record in service, sales, and marketing, their leadership promises to greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of Zero Motorcycles’ customer service strategy.

“The sum total of our experience with customer contacts includes more than just our dealer network and current owners, that’s why we’re thrilled to have leaders in place with expertise managing issues that can arise anywhere in Zero’s global footprint that spans into dozens of countries,” said Mike Cunningham, VP of Sales for the Americas at Zero Motorcycles.

Internally, the structural change and formation of the new Customer Experience department took place in April 2022. Since then, a range of new training programs has been introduced, aimed at enhancing both technical knowledge and customer interaction skills. Dealer teams are being equipped with comprehensive technical training, while Zero teams in public-facing roles undergo client relations training to ensure superior service delivery.

In addition to the high-quality service and customer experience, all Zero Motorcycles also offer financial incentives. Owners can take advantage of both State and Federal Tax Incentives, which can be applied to their subsequent tax filing. This makes owning a Zero Motorcycle even more appealing and accessible.

Zero Motorcycles’ complete line is now available in hundreds of dealerships worldwide, further extending the reach of our innovative, high-performing electric motorcycles. This global presence, coupled with our commitment to exceptional customer experience, firmly establishes Zero Motorcycles’ standing in the market.