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Joshua Goldman Joins Xendee as VP of Mobility

May 09, 2023 08:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Xendee Corporation, a leading Distributed Energy Resources, and Electric Vehicle fast-charging infrastructure design and operation software provider, announced today that Joshua Goldman has joined the team as VP of Mobility.

Joshua Goldman, VP of Mobility, Xendee

With over 25 years of experience in electric and hybrid heavy-duty vehicles, Mr. Goldman brings a wealth of technical and business development expertise to the Xendee team. As one of the leading electric vehicle technology experts in the transit and medium/heavy-duty vehicle industry, Joshua Goldman’s engineering background and extensive experience in OEM and end-user deployments provide a unique blend of skills that will be instrumental in driving Xendee’s mission to enable cost-effective and reliable EV infrastructure.

Goldman studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, with a focus on Alternative Fuel Automotive Engineering. He has worked at ISE Corporation, Proterra, and TransPower / Meritor, and has contributed to the design and deployment of over 50 configurations of electric and hybrid heavy-duty buses, trucks, and vans. These vehicles were powered by a variety of energy storage systems, including Lead Acid, NiMH, Ultra-capacitor, and lithium, and were equipped with propulsion systems from Siemens, Allison, UQM, Northrop Grumman, and hybrid and electric drive propulsion. He holds 3 patents as part of the design and installation of automated, high-power, twin-500 kW charging stations. He was also the first to develop a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) school bus in 2015.

“The effort it takes to design, permit, install, and operate in a cost-effective and resilient manner makes Xendee’s software tool essential to infrastructure developers as we move towards full electrification. I joined the Xendee leadership team because I believe it’s an absolute necessity to support future EV infrastructure to be more cost-effective, resilient, reliable, and lower emissions.” -Joshua Goldman, Xendee VP of Mobility

Xendee Corporation is excited to welcome Joshua Goldman to the team and looks forward to the insights and expertise he will bring to the company. With Goldman’s added leadership, Xendee aims to accelerate its efforts to design and operate DER and EV charging infrastructure that maximizes the value of clean energy and delivers sustainable solutions for a better future.

About Xendee Corporation

Xendee is an award-winning software platform built to integrate the feasibility analysis, detailed engineering, and operation of Distributed Energy Resources and EV fast-charging infrastructure. This includes the ability to rapidly model EV infrastructure for fleet owners, complex energy systems with up to 25 unique types of DER technologies, multi-node installations like a military base, and operate either connected to the grid or completely islanded. Xendee’s techno-economic optimization algorithm can then generate an ideal investment solution and operation schedule to meet organizational goals. These goals can include reducing costs, cutting CO2 emissions, and increasing resilience. Explore how Xendee can empower your organization by setting up a call with us at xendee.com/demo.


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