Driving electric vehicle adoption

MD7 Partners With LNG Electric, Powering Electric Vehicle Adoption for Over 13,000 Hotels and Apartment Complexes

LNG Electric, a prominent provider of EV charging solutions, has recently revealed its collaboration with design firm MD7. The partnership aims to install both Level 2 and Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) EV charging stations at more than 13,000 hotels and over 40 multi-family communities nationwide. This ambitious project, once completed, will position LNG Electric as one of the top three owner-operators of EV charging stations in the United States, significantly advancing the country’s EV infrastructure and promoting sustainable transportation.

Beginning this month, LNG Electric will embark on an ambitious rollout strategy, starting with the installation of a Level 2 charger. Over the next five to six years, the company plans to install approximately 13,000 chargers across the country. Aiming to cover 10%-15% of the US hospitality market, the initiative hopes to quell range anxiety by making chargers more widely available to the public. In tandem with this, LNG Electric has identified a burgeoning demand for reduced charge times. As a response, the company will also be including more Level 3 charging stations in its network. The inclusion of these fast chargers will not only meet growing consumer needs but also significantly contribute to the infrastructure supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.

“MD7 is the best at installing connected infrastructure like EV charging stations,” said Taylor Weaver, CEO of LNG Electric. “Their willingness to help us even the playing field and provide charging stations for people at every income level shows just how committed they are to our mission. We want to power the EV grid, no matter where you are.”

“We’re excited to partner with LNG Electric to provide first-class EV charging technology to apartment complexes and hotels, furthering our commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Michael Fraunces, President of MD7. “We support their mission to provide affordable EV grid access to more people than ever before, and we can’t wait for what’s next.”

The first deployments will be at Marriot and Hilton brand hotels in Ohio, Florida and Illinois.