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University of Michigan Solar Car Team Selects Amprius Technologies for World Solar Car Challenge

Amprius Technologies, Inc., renowned for its breakthrough Silicon Anode Platform that revolutionizes lithium-ion batteries, has entered into a collaborative venture with the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. This partnership aligns with Amprius’ commitment to supporting green energy initiatives and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. The University of Michigan Solar Car Team, armed with Amprius’ advanced battery cells, is preparing to participate in the grueling Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. This globally recognized event is a testament to the prowess of solar-powered vehicles, stretching a demanding 3,000 kilometers across the Australian continent, from the northern city of Darwin to the southern city of Adelaide. This endeavor not only signifies a significant leap forward in sustainable transportation but also illuminates the capabilities of Amprius’ next-generation lithium-ion batteries.

University of Michigan Solar Car Team Selects Amprius Technologies for Prestigious World Solar Car Challenge. Pictured is the 16th solar car, Aevum, which successfully completed the Michigan Sun Run, a 3000-mile-long endurance run from New York to California during the summer of 2022. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Amprius was founded from Stanford University research, so supporting collegiate STEM programs is close to our heart. The University of Michigan’s Solar Car Team brings a long history of excellence and is considered the most successful solar car racing team in the Western Hemisphere. We are honored they selected Amprius to power its vehicle for the world’s most demanding endurance solar car race,” said Dr. Kang Sun, Chief Executive Officer of Amprius. “Our industry-leading silicon anode batteries enable long run time while enduring wide temperature and pressure ranges – ideal for the arduous conditions the University of Michigan team will face Down Under.”

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team is a student-run organization of over 150 undergraduates and postgraduates. For 2023, the team focused on optimizing performance by incorporating novel manufacturing and assembly procedures. After evaluating various battery options, they chose Amprius cells over competitors. Amprius’ industry-leading high-power density and lightweight design make their cells the ideal choice for achieving the team’s efficiency goals.

“We are excited to work with Amprius as we have been following the technology for some time,” said University of Michigan Solar Car Team Project Manager Will Jones. “Amprius’ cells stood out compared to other batteries we tested and showed a superior level of performance giving us confidence they can withstand the challenging conditions experienced throughout the race. At the last Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2019, our team finished in third place. Our new partnership with Amprius is a part of our strategy to close that gap and elevate our performance to new heights.”

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team, a consistent entrant in the solar car race since its inception in 1990, is all set to unveil their 13th creation, Astrum, on July 14th. Known for their innovative and cutting-edge designs, the team’s maiden venture was a vehicle named the Sunrunner. This year’s car, Astrum, carries the legacy forward, embodying the same spirit of innovation and sustainability. After its official unveiling, Astrum will enter a phase of rigorous testing, followed by a mock race around Michigan. It is an essential preparatory step before the vehicle is shipped to Australia in August for the actual competition.

For more information on Amprius, please visit the Company’s investor relations website at https://ir.amprius.com.