Driving electric vehicle adoption

Ushering a New Era of Mobile DC Fast Charging with the Second Generation Xos Hub

April 27, 2023 | Xos

The transition to electric is in full-swing for the trucking industry. Market trends support an inevitable electric future with an electric truck model available for almost every class and use case, while state policies like the Advanced Clean Trucks rule, which requires an increasing percentage of zero-emission vehicles to be sold by 2024, have been adopted by 15 states and counting. According to a report by industry researchers Rhein Associated and ACT Research, EV truck production is projected to increase by 300% in 2023.

With all the energy and investment being poured into scaling the adoption of electric trucks, a major barrier remains: scaling charging infrastructure quickly and efficiently to meet demand.

Our solution? The Xos Hub™.

Today, we are excited to unveil the second generation of our mobile charging solution, the Xos Hub (“the Hub”). The Hub is a rapidly deployable, mobile charging solution that enables flexible and scalable access to DC fast charging without the need for permanent infrastructure. The Hub features integrated battery storage with an energy capacity of 390 kWh and an increase in charger output by 60% from the first generation Hub, resulting in faster charge times for the EVs plugged into it. Similar to the first generation model, five CCS 1 chargeheads enable compatibility with commercial and passenger electric vehicles and can charge up to five EVs at once. The introduction of a telematics device and Xos software help determine the best charging times for the Hub based on off-peak and peak hours, helping mitigate electricity costs for fleets.

Building upon customer feedback and the widespread need for easy-to-deploy charging infrastructure, the Xos Hub solves a multitude of current challenges that fleet owners and operators face. With the Xos Hub, DC fast charging is now easy, mobile, and available now. Currently, the first unit of the second generation Xos Hub is in operation with a major parcel delivery operator in Northern California, with additional Hubs being shipped to customers later this year. 

The Xos Hub is available for lease or purchase. For more information, please contact [email protected] or call (818) 316-1890.

Written By Sara Broyles