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In all marketing, the best response comes from tailoring your message to the specific audience. For example, if you are sending out sales brochures to different countries, they should be tailored to each part of the world. We specialize in editing your content to appeal to the North American market, with grammatically correct and engaging copy, written by a North American marketing expert.

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Flawlessly written content isn’t enough. It needs to also draw the reader in, engage and entertain them. Our content is educational, fun to read, and gets results. It offers everything you will need to attract and retain customers.

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Did you know your site should publish at least one new written piece per week? Those are the sites that rank best on search engines and get the highest engagement on social media. Content that answers questions and positions your brand as a thought leader is best.

Bill Pierce, Publisher EVinfo.net: over twenty years marketing and writing experience, EV expert

I’ve worked in marketing for over twenty years, and am also an electric vehicle (EV) expert. The combination of the two skill sets makes a formidable partner to assist you with the very best writing, editing and marketing. See my portfolio BillPierce.net, and samples of thought-leading EV articles and press releases.

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