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ADS-TEC Energy Demonstrated Ultra-Fast Charging at the EV Charging Summit & Expo

At the EV Charging Summit & Expo, ADS-TEC Energy made a significant impression with their presentation of the ChargeBox, an innovative, battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging platform. Designed to tackle the challenge of providing high-speed charging in areas with limited power capacities, the ChargeBox supports the CCS1 standard and is poised to incorporate NACS charging plugs. This adaptability allows it to deliver ultra-fast charging speeds comparable to those of high-power grids in locations where such infrastructure is not available.

Thomas Speidel, the founder and CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, took the stage to elucidate the groundbreaking business models the company plans to implement. These strategies are aimed at reducing the costs associated with charging, positioning the ChargeBox as a pivotal development in making ultra-fast charging as common and essential as air conditioning and elevators in large residential and commercial buildings. The ChargeBox’s ability to operate on power-limited grids opens up new possibilities for expanding the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations, thereby supporting the broader adoption of electric vehicles.

(Image: BusinessWire)

The ChargeBox redefines the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with its staggering capacity to deliver up to 320 kW of power, even on grids with limited capacity. Leveraging both CCS1 and, soon, the addition of NACS charging plugs, this state-of-the-art charging platform breaks new ground in ultra-fast EV charging technology. What sets the ChargeBox apart is its unparalleled setup flexibility and cost efficiency; it circumvents the need for hefty investments in extensive construction or major electrical grid upgrades typically associated with conventional DC fast chargers.

This innovative technology has been practically demonstrated in its first U.S. installation at a multi-family residential complex in North Miami Beach. Occupying merely two parking spaces, the ChargeBox presents a solution that not only conserves space but drastically cuts down charging times, offering residents of the 470-unit complex a convenient and swift charging experience. This strategic decision to opt for the ChargeBox over the traditional Level 2 chargers underscores a forward-thinking approach to EV charging, prioritizing quick service and future readiness without the burden of extensive infrastructural overhaul.

“Our aim is to make ultra-fast charging accessible to as many EV drivers as possible,” said Thomas Speidel. “For residents of large apartment buildings, charging in just a few minutes with ChargeBox will become as common as air conditioning, valet parking, or elevators. In city centers with limited space and in supermarket and office parking lots, ChargeBox will deliver ultra-fast charging even on power-limited networks. With this solution, we are boosting the U.S.’s EV charging infrastructure and doing our bit to encourage more people to opt for an electric vehicle.”

The ChargeBox presents a remarkably compact and efficient charging system, ideally suited for apartment buildings, hotels, supermarkets, filling stations, companies, car dealerships, and fleet operators. This versatility aligns with the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across various sectors, seeking reliable and space-efficient charging solutions.

Speaking at the EV Charging Summit & Expo conference, Speidel emphasized the crucial role of sustainable infrastructure in the transition to green mobility. He highlighted how the ChargeBox, with its unique business models, is poised to make a significant contribution towards the nationwide adoption of EVs. Its ability to deliver high-power charging without the need for extensive grid upgrades presents an innovative and practical path toward meeting the increasing demand for accessible and efficient EV charging stations, marking a pivotal step forward in the creation of a sustainable transportation ecosystem.

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