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How New EPA Rules Will Impact EV Charging

Last week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new rules tightening limits on tailpipe pollution for new passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States.

The final EPA rule relaxed the pace that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must comply with the tailpipe regulations in its early stages, increasing only after 2030. Officials at the EPA said the rule would still cut the same amount of automotive emissions over 30 years as the original plan, but the slower pace will give OEMs more time to prepare for the sharp increases in standards after 2030. Since the announcement, OEMs have expressed overall support of the plan.

EV Charging Not Impacted by New EPA Rules

The new EPA rules won’t change the incredibly fast growth of EV charging in the United States. The easing of tailpipe regulations allows more time for EV charging infrastructure for both private and public use to continue to grow, which will ease consumer concerns around range anxiety and public charging reliability. It also allows OEMs more freedom to meet federal emissions standards with hybrid vehicles and other technologies.

By 2032, experts still project that over half the new cars and light trucks sold in the United States would most likely be zero-emissions vehicles. EPA cut its target for U.S. electric vehicle adoption from 67% by 2032 to as little as 35%

EV Charging Growing Fast in the U.S.

While the US is lagging behind other countries in EV adoption (for a variety of reasons), it is catching up. California is the best example as the nationwide EV adoption leader. California reached 25% EV market share in 2023, according to EV industry nonprofit Veloz. The federal government has released billions in funding recently to accelerate EV charging installations around the country. The ambitious $5 billion NEVI Formula Program outlined in the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is helping drive the creation of a robust network of nationwide charging stations.

The EV and EV charging industries both provide incredible investment opportunities for a wide variety of business owners. Atlas Public Policy, a consultancy specializing in the clean energy transition, said the American EV market share reached 12% in December 2023, setting a new record. 

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