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New TurnOnGreen Contract Expands EV Charging for Healthcare Industry

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is an astoundingly fast-growing business. Unlike gas stations, EV charging can be installed anywhere in parking spaces and wherever electricity exists. The possibilities and business opportunities are nearly endless. One example among many property types where EV charging can be installed is the healthcare industry. At hospitals, doctor’s offices, and healthcare facilities, EV chargers are installed at breakneck speed.

TurnOnGreen, an innovative EV charging company based in Milpitas, California, announced an expansion of the company’s electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure across select Tenet Health (“Tenet”) properties in California. This ambitious expansion is facilitated through a Site Licensing Agreement (SLA) with Tenet. Under the terms of the SLA, TurnOnGreen is entrusted with the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the EV charging stations across these properties for a ten-year period. This partnership not only underscores TurnOnGreen’s commitment to enhancing EV infrastructure but also allows the company to secure a portion of the recurring revenues generated from the charging services throughout the term of the contract and any potential renewals, marking a significant milestone in TurnOnGreen’s growth and operational capabilities.

Continuing to make strides in healthcare, Tenet’s substantial network serves as a testament to its dedication to offering quality, compassionate care. With an impressive portfolio that includes more than 480 ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals alongside 58 hospitals, Tenet has firmly established its foothold in the medical sector. In addition to these facilities, Tenet operates approximately 160 outpatient centers and other care sites across the United States, further emphasizing its expansive reach and commitment to accessible healthcare. This expansive infrastructure not only facilitates the delivery of top-tier medical services but also positions Tenet as a crucial player in integrating sustainable practices, like the adoption of EV charging stations, into the healthcare industry.

Amos Kohn, TurnOnGreen’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Working through Site License Agreements is a selective process, a key component of our growth, and will help support our recurring revenue verticals. We are steadfast in our quest to be the leader in workplace EV charging and sustainable energy infrastructure solutions.”

(Image: Amos Kohn, TurnOnGreen’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

Desert Regional Medical Center, located in the vibrant community of Palm Springs, California, proudly serves as the inaugural Tenet facility to welcome the installation of TurnOnGreen’s state-of-the-art EV chargers. This pioneering project signifies a monumental step forward in the collaborative efforts between Tenet Health and TurnOnGreen to promote environmental sustainability and innovation within the healthcare sector. Featuring multiple high-power, networked EVP700G Level 2 EV chargers, the installation is tailor-made to accommodate the daily needs of the hospital’s dedicated employees.

These chargers are designed for ease of use, allowing activation through various user-friendly options, including the TurnOnGreen App, RFID cards, or by simply scanning a unique QR code displayed on each EV charger unit. In addition to enhancing the hospital’s infrastructure, the project is also financially beneficial for TurnOnGreen, as the company collects fees for any paid charging sessions on the platform, contributing to a sustainable revenue stream while encouraging eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

“We are thrilled to work with Tenet Health facilities to provide their physicians, nurses, and healthcare workers access to affordable, dependable EV charging services while at work,” said TurnOnGreen President Marcus Charuvastra. “Providing EV charging infrastructure in a healthcare setting supports our front-line workers and helps our partners achieve their sustainability goals.”

(Image: TurnOnGreen President Marcus Charuvastra)

Hi-Desert Medical Center, nestled in the picturesque town of Joshua Tree, California, stands as the next Tenet facility to eagerly anticipate the installation and operational management of EV charging infrastructure by TurnOnGreen under their service level agreement. This ambitious project is currently navigating through its crucial engineering and permitting stages with an eye toward completion by December 2024.

The initiative underscores a continued commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation, seamlessly integrating with the hospital’s mission to offer exceptional healthcare while fostering a sustainable future. Through this project, Hi-Desert Medical Center is set to become an integral part of a growing network that supports eco-friendly transportation options for its workforce and visitors, thereby contributing actively to the reduction of carbon emissions within the healthcare sector.

TurnOnGreen extends its environmentally conscious ethos beyond healthcare facilities to homes, businesses, and fleets across North America, embodying a comprehensive solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging needs. The company’s product line includes cutting-edge EV charging hardware, sophisticated management software, and robust network services. These tools empower municipalities, businesses, and homeowners not only to provide charging services but also to monetize these services, effectively tracking and reporting usage with unparalleled ease.

At the core of TurnOnGreen’s offering is a commitment to quality and safety; its charging systems are not only distinguished by Energy Star Certification but are also backed by an internationally recognized certificate of safety and performance. This ensures that users receive one of the market’s most reliable, efficient, and user-friendly charging experiences, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in transportation.