Driving electric vehicle adoption

EV Charging Apps

Photo: Chargeway

There is increasing demand for EV charging stations as EVs become more popular. While not yet as common as the traditional gas stations, the network is growing. A number of mobile apps are available to help EV drivers locate charging stations.


Available for free on iOS & Android

The ChargePoint app allows EV drivers to find nearby charging stations both in the ChargePoint Network and other major charging networks.


Available for free on iOS & Android

ChargeHub locates nearby charging stations and allows EV drivers to plan trips to reliably travel long distances.


Available for free on iOS & Android

Chargeway offers a number and color-coded system to help EV drivers easily identify the charging station that meets their needs.

EV Connect

Available for free on iOS & Android

EV Connect allows EV drivers to search for nearby charging stations based on location, availability, provided power level, and accessibility.


Tiered membership program available on iOS & Android

The EVgo app connects EV drivers with the US’ largest network of DC fast charging stations. EVgo has three payment plans: pay-as-you-go, EVgo Membership, and EVgo Plus. EVgo’s charging stations are powered by renewable energy.


Available for $2.99 on iOS & Android

The EVHotels app combines EV charging and lodging on one platform.

EVHotels has partnered with over 170 international hotel brands. Users can even customize their hotel preferences to see their favorite hotel brands.


Available for free on iOS & Android

PlugShare is a free app. It allows EV drivers to connect, find charging stations, and leave reviews.