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EVinfo.net delivers basic, up-to-date information about Electric Vehicles (EVs) to encourage EV adoption. The electrification of our nation’s fleet, which will reduce emissions caused by gas-burning vehicles, is a cornerstone of conquering climate change.


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Bill Pierce, Founding Publisher of EVinfo.net

I’m an electric vehicle (EV), sustainability and marketing consultant specializing in energy and sustainability. I’m certified as a Photovoltaic (Solar) Associate by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®). I’m a registered electric vehicle and marketing expert at FootForward, Coleman Research and NewtonX. I’m based in Southern California. I’m a member of the Electric Vehicle Association and the American Marketing Association. I am committed to championing inclusivity, diversity, and equity through my pursuit of a zero-emission future. Feel free to contact me, and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Bill Pierce -Founding Publisher, EVinfo.net
NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic (Solar) Associate